Pour ce mois-ci nous aurons à notre rencontre du mardi 9 avril une démo sur comment faire une base( armature) pour faire un personnage.

Voici le message de Sandra à ce sujet.

N'oubliez pas de travailler sur le challenge un macaron identificateur.

Celles qui veulent compléter notre courte pointe muralle collective peuvent apporter leurs triangles ( 3X3X3 po) et les remettre à Gaby. Toutes techniques bienvenues.

Here is the info for Sandra's demo on art dolls for our April 9th meeting.

1)  Sandy will be demonstrating how to create a basic armature and discussing a bit about how to use that armature for art dolls and other sculpture. If you wish to work along with her, bring some wire-working tools and some clay (this could just be scrap clay, or a light-coloured clay if they wish to begin working on a doll).  Some smoothing and shaping tools would be beneficial, however, most things can be done with a medium-sized knitting needle and a toothpick.  Also a roller to roll their clay if they need.
 Sandy will be providing  the materials needed for the armature.  If there’s anything else you need to know, please just e-mail Sandy.


2)We will have another challenge for the May meeting- to make a nametag using clay (and anything else).