Morrisburg, la rencontre de polymériste de l'est du Canada vous informe. Pour celles qui ne pensent pas venir parce que c'est en anglais..Il y a quelques bonnes âmes dont Gaby et moi qui pourront vous aider.Ça vaut la peine de se baigner dans un monde qui nous passionne.

Here is the information:

Join us for a fun filled weekend in Morrisburg April 11th - 14th !

What do we do?
==> For the 11th year running polymer clay enthusiasts, from primarily Ontario
and Quebec, will gather in Morrisburg at the McIntosh Inn.
==> There will be demos and workshops covering a wide range of techniques in
polymer clay and related media.
==> Our plans for 2013 include demos and workshops covering: faux techniques,
sculptural techniques, wire wrapping polymer in jewellery, precious metal clay,
functional objects and more.

How do we do it?
==> The weekend is run on a schedule that allows you to take part in all of the
demos and workshops, or skip some that interest you less if you become engrossed
in a project.
==> You won't find a more welcoming and creative bunch to enjoy a weekend
devoted to creativity and fun.
==> Skill levels range from rank beginner to seasoned veteran. We all have
something to learn from one another.
==> Breakfast and supper are provided in the dining room daily, and we all love
the food and friendly service at the Mac.
==> Retire to your room after a long and fruitful day of claying. You can
choose your own roommate, have us match you up with a roomie, or choose a single

Prices are $400 for a double (shared) room and $530 for a single.
This includes supper on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, coffee and muffins on
Friday and Saturday, and Breakfast on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. You can
check in any time after noon on Thursday and check out after breakfast on Sunday
morning. We still have activities planned for you on Sunday though, so don't
run away after you check out!

New this year! If you are local and want to come only for the Saturday and
Sunday, we are providing the workshops only for a cost of $125. You would be
responsible for your own meals and accommodations.

Cheques and registrations should be sent to Isabel Hinther at: P.O. box 672,
Kemptville, ON, K0G 1J0 or you can email your registration and send an email
money transfer to omaizzy@...
We have a maximum of 30 participants, and we will take new registrants on a
first come first served basis, so do it today!

Closer to the MPCG (Morrisburg Polymer Clay Gathering) weekend we will send you
updates with: suggestions for what to bring in your basic clayers kit, more
detailed descriptions of the demos and workshops and any special materials
required for them (as well as extra costs if you are paying the instructor for
the materials), directions to the Mac, and a detailed weekend schedule.

Further information can be found at
You can also check out last year's activities at
You can contact any of your MPCG organizers with further questions:
Moyra Riley radicallyriley@...
Isabel Hinther omaizzy@...
Line Lebrecque playsculptlive@...