Since our demoer was sick the demo is to be in February. Prompt rétablissement.

La démo qui devait avoir lieu ce soir est remise au mois prochain

Tonight was more  problem solving discussions and questions about meetings and books.

Nous avons surtout discuté du problèmes des livres ainsi que de discussions sur les problèmes soumis.Louise et Gaby s'offrent pour répartir les nouveautés .Une autre personne est souhaité pour partager la tâche. On a soumis la possibilité de se départir des anciens en les vendant. ( suivre)

Books: 2 people have agreed to take over the books. Only the recent ones will be kept by Gaby and Louise and another person to be determined. Each will have a small number and will be in charge of them.

We have discussed the possibility to sell the older books. Nothing definitive. To be discussed again.

Another topic came up having a bi monthly challenge the first one will be making a ring. So in March our challenge is rings.To help you here is a link that sends you to links  of tutorials so you have a starting point. (Just to mention the blog is in French but the tutorials are of many languages. Most of the time the pictures can guide you through. If you find other links please contact Louise by mail so she can add them to her blog.)

Une suggestion de Challenge est discuté puis entériné. Chaque 2 mois nous avons une challenge. Le premier sera faire une bague. Dans lles liens suivants vous trouverez divers tutos sur ce sujet pour vous aider. Le challenge est bi mensuel . Dons en mars on veut voir vos bagues. Vous pouvez ne faire que la perle centrale en fimo ou tout fimo.

Since this one is in the extruder section I mention it apart. J'ajoute ce lien car ils est dans ma section extrudeur.

Artist mentionned during the meeting:

Faux woven cloth Sylvie PerauD ( maniquette)

Products mentioned during the meeting:Patinas


Viva pardo Inka gold

And Pardo clay not available in Canada Sniff! but available in the U.S.

 Periodical for polymer clay artist:

The Polymerarts

Showing the blog link. You can receive online or the magasine.

Nest dates for meetings:

February the 12   : March the 12  (ring challenge) and April 9

Prochaines dates à mettre sur votre calendrier: 12 février, 12 mars( challenge bague) et 9 avril.

Chaque année en avril nous avons une rencontre à Morrisburg. Si vous êtes intéressées allez voir le lien ci-dessous ou envoyez un mail à Gaby ou Louise pour en savoir plus. $400 tout compris sauf repas du midi.

Lynda will try again for Wednesdays  nights so Vickie can come.

What is Morrrisburg? For those of us who had the please to go we say come and try it.

Morrisburg is a small town near the Seaway. It's also a gathering of clayers form Québec and Ontario. From Thurdays night to Sunday morning we clay, learn , exchange, laugh , some of us sleep others do not. The old blog is here if you want to see what we do there. The 2 founders Margie Laurin and Violette Laporte have passed the flame after 11 years  to a new group of clayers.

This year the dates are from April 11 to April 14. The oldies are asked then space is offered to newbies.

Interested? mention it to Gaby or Lynda. Cost includes sleeping arrangements, 2 meals per day, the space to work, the teachers.$400.