Colorful Bangles with “Stroppel” Cane


This cane was shared by Alice Stroppel, her website:

You can also google it on youtube, she has posted a video.



Liz Barnes:       aluminum blank -

Margaret          Renaissance wax –


Make a base bangle with scrap clay – diameter size as you wish, round, oval, flat etc. should be at least 10” long.


  • Sheet black clay on thinnest setting of your pasta machine
  • Lay canes on black sheet until covered
  • Cover canes with black sheet
  • Continue alternating canes and black sheets - 3 layers usually works well
  • Slice pile in half
  • Stack as you deem pleasing to the eye
  • Slice in half if you have a stack big enough
  • Stack as you deem pleasing to the eye
  • Slice thin enough to run it through the pasta machine on 1st setting


I run it through to the 3rd setting on the pasta machine – thick enough to wrap without tearing and thin enough to manipulate easily


  • Wrap slices around prepared bangle

Note:  I wrap it along the width of the bangle as opposed to the length – I like the look and I think the flexibility of the shorter wraps is better for bangles – in my humble opinion and I was focused that way and didn’t try it on the lengthwise….yet…J


  • Continue until bangle covered
  • Smooth seam, I use my new favorite tool, knitting needle
  • roll the bangle a few times so the slices adhere well to the base and it helps integrate all the slices – check for bubbles
  • Position the snake with the seams facing inside at the top of the soda pop can
  • Overlap and cut at overlap
  • Remove from soda can to join the two ends, smooth
  • Bake on the pop can at temperature recommended by manufacturer


I also sometimes add a little strip of clay on the joint for a nicer finish


  • texture a small sheet
  •  cut it to the width size that appeals to you
  •  measure the length – for this bit I also slant my end cuts to minimize the seam joint and overlap the ends, smooth with the knitting needle
  • bake bangle for 15 minutes.
  • dab some paint with a hard brush, let it dry and then sand away the top to leave the paint in the texture
  • apply Renaissance wax to the whole bangle
  • buff – soft cloth or a buffer (I use a dremel with a modified screw end and circles 600 thread cotton)