What to bring for Vicki's demos

À apporter pour les démo de Vicki

1. I'll demonstrate working with liquid clay, both clear and coloured. We'll make two of the steampunk charms, the faux metal disc with the faux enamel and the clear, wire-edged leaf. I'll bring enough wire and clear and coloured liquid clay for those who want to make along with me, and they can bring some metallic (copper and/or gold and/or silver) clay to make the disc. They will need small amounts - a pea-size piece of each colour - for a total of about 1/4 oz. (1/8 of a two-ounce package) .

La démo sera sur comment utiliser la pâte liquide colorée ou non. Nous ferons des breloques steampunck, faux métal, faux disque de métal et feuille avec bordure en  fil de métal.Si vous désirez participer apportez des pâtes métalliques pour faire les breloques. Vicki apportera la pâte liquide.

If we have time I'll also demonstrate how I make the little faux book. It's quick and easy and one of the ladies expressed an interest in it. Those who want to work along with me will need a wee bit of black, gold an about 1/8 of a package sized piece of ivory (or white). Tools needed are a needle tool, acrylic roller, tissue blade and a work surface.

Elle démontrera si nous en avons le temps le petit livre montré en septembre. Pour le réaliser apportez un peu de noir, doré, blanc ou ivoire. Les outils: rouleau, perce trou, lame et surface de travail.

2. I will show how to make clasps and coil ends, jump rings, and how to interconnect chain/cord/leather/buna to provide areas for connecting charms when there are no link areas. I'll bring steampunk charms similar to the ones in the necklace that I wore and show how I combine them with and attach them to different necklace materials. Any who want to work along with me should bring some wire working tools, if they have (I have some extras that I will bring that they can share) such as a wire cutter, round nose plier, chain nose plier, and some inexpensive wire to experiment with, such as copper or aluminum or coloured craft wire. I work with different gauges of wire to achieve different effects. 24 gauge, for wrapping, 22 and 20 gauge for coiling, 18, 16, 14 gauge for jump rings. I'll also show some alternative materials for necklaces and clasps.

La majeure partie sera comment faire les montages: comment faire les embouts de divers types, comment combiner les éléments. Pour participer apportez du fil de métal toutes les grosseurs et vos outils de base sont bienvenus car elle travaille avec diverses grosseurs.Elle montrera aussi divers exemples de montages. Vous avez des problèmes de montages apportez-les elle a peut-être une solution à vous offrir.