Marie Hélène sent me this message concerning the new polyform clays and those discontinued.

Marie Hélène m'a fait parvenir ce message concernant les nouvelles couleurs de pâte premo, celles qui disparaissent.

voici la liste des nouvelles couleurs et des couleurs discontinuées de Polyform.

Polyform Products

We are bursting with excitement – new colors with endless possibilities are just around the corner. It’s an unbelievable line-up with colors you requested. Have you ever imagined . . .
• Peacock Pearl –eye-catching in lustrous, confident extravagance
• Magenta Pearl – Glowing romance translated into art
• Sunshine – innocence as sweet as a day running through the sprinkler
• Navy – shades of royalty, commanding an audience
Pomegranate – juicy, rich and irresistible on the tip of the tongue
• Denim – your favorite pair still fit, go ahead, try them on
• Bronze – statuesque brilliance glimmering in view
• Antique Gold – The classics are hard to ignore
• Bright Green Pearl – dew kissed spring grass glistening in the morning sun
These are only a few of the fabulous line-up of new premo! colors.

Watch for our 2011 New Line of premo! Accents
• Magenta Pearl • Purple Pearl
• Bright Green Pearl • Peacock Pearl
• Translucent Blue • Translucent Red
• Translucent Yellow • Translucent Yellow
• Translucent Green • Blue Glitter
• Red glitter • Frost White Glitter
• 18K Gold • Copper – updated color
• Antique Gold • Bronze
• Blue Granite • White Granite
• Gray Granite • White Translucent – replaces Frost

New 2011 premo! Colors
• Denim • Spanish Olive
Navy Blue • Blush
• Wasabi • Pomegranate
• Candy Pink • Sunshine
• Rhino Gray

The following colors are discontinued: Red Pearl, Green Pearl, Cobalt Blue, Sea Green, Copper, Zinc Yellow, Frost, Fluorescent Green, Fluorescent Yellow, Fluorescent Red and Glow-In-The-Dark – We’ll have recipes for most on our website.

Here’s the buzz about new Sculpey colors – fresh and trendy, always a crowd pleaser –

New for 2011 Sculpey III colors
• Pewter • Jewelry Gold
• Copper • Suede Brown
Fuchsia Pearl • Glow-In-The-Dark
• Plum • Deep Red Pearl
• Candy Pink • Sky Blue
• Lemonade

The following colors are discontinued: Lt. Pink Pearl, Vanilla Crème, Pale Pistachio, Sunshine, Pottery, Stonewash, Tomato Red, Sunset, Ivory, Atomic Orange and Lemon. We’ll have recipes for most on our website.