Folded Pod Bead

Make a Skinner blend for center---I used ½ block violet and ½ block white.  Roll up a long cane about ½” in diameter.

Make a second Skinner blend---I used ½ block turquoise and ½ block white.  Roll up with a small purple snake in center.

Make a green sheet, using a yellow snake as the core.  Trim ends.  Divide into 5 even pieces.  Stack this way:             0  0        Press together, stretch out.  Roll thin to 12 inches.        0  0  0

                                    o o

Repeat process, divide into 7 pieces.  Stack this way:  o  o  o

                                                                                           o o 

Roll out to about 8” and 1” in diameter.  Cut into 4 rolls.  Call them “A” rolls.

Cut first Skinner blend into 4.  Call them”B” rolls.  These were my violet and white blend.

Cut 1 roll of equal length to A or B from second Skinner blend (my turquoise one).  This is the “C” roll.

Now put them together like this:       A B A

                                                            B C B

                                                            A B A

Now you have a square.  Reduce it, cut into 4 equal parts and stack like this:   00

00      You will have a big square cane.

Wrap with a very thin sheet of white and then wrap that with violet(mine) or another colour from your design.  Trim edges.  Square off your cane by rolling on top and turning until all 4 sides are flat with crisp edges.  Refrigerate for 10 minutes if necessary.

Slice thin (use graph paper to keep slices even).  Form pods as shown.  Let rest, then carefully make holes and bake.

Choose any colour combinations.  I gave you mine so you can look at my cane and beads and decide on your own choices.